Monday, April 4, 2011

Maybe I have romantic feelings toward Steven Tyler

After watching last nights performance I have decided to add him to my list. So far there are just two amazing men on this list. Steve Perry (Journey. sang faithfully. favorite song.) and you will for sure make fun of me for this one but his name is Michael Bolton. Now, I reeeeeaaaalllly love Michael Bolton and i'm not even kidding so before you judge me, listen to hime sing Georgia. Download it immediately and maybe even turn it up real loud and sing along and if you want to pretend to play the piano too that's up to you. I would. They just have that ability to, what I like to call, "wail" There is no other word for it really. Michael Bolton is clearly the better of the three and I don't even care what you say. anyways, welcome aboard Steven!
Now if you have heard my dad sing you are probably thinking "why is he not on that list? how rude of her" well it's because he is on an entirely different list and you can only be on one list because thats the rules. It's called My All Time Favorite Singers Of All Time Ever To Live. It's just him and Celine. Duh.