Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm sorry, I forgot my blog existed.

Hi and welcome! I forgot I am a blogger now! A couple things to say here: first off, I had a great day today. Jude is so amazingly cute I can hardly stand it. I love staying home with him:)I cried real hard while we watched toy story 3 on Netflix, mainly because I love him so much and i feel so blessed but also kinda because when Andy gives his toys to Bonnie at the end I suffer from depression briefly. It's precious but just hard to handle all my emotions at that time. It's a very overwhelming part. secondly, today I started the Insanity 60 day workout thing. It is extremely hardcore and after one day I am already extremely in Over my head and i'm pretty worried that a heart attack may take place but I'm not 'gon give up! And last but not least, get real excited because very soon I will be posting pictures of my painting I did for jude's room and my shelves in my dining room that are very neat and unique and one might even call them "green" (not the color). Stay tuned, it's about to get crazy up In here!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Maybe I have romantic feelings toward Steven Tyler

After watching last nights performance I have decided to add him to my list. So far there are just two amazing men on this list. Steve Perry (Journey. sang faithfully. favorite song.) and you will for sure make fun of me for this one but his name is Michael Bolton. Now, I reeeeeaaaalllly love Michael Bolton and i'm not even kidding so before you judge me, listen to hime sing Georgia. Download it immediately and maybe even turn it up real loud and sing along and if you want to pretend to play the piano too that's up to you. I would. They just have that ability to, what I like to call, "wail" There is no other word for it really. Michael Bolton is clearly the better of the three and I don't even care what you say. anyways, welcome aboard Steven!
Now if you have heard my dad sing you are probably thinking "why is he not on that list? how rude of her" well it's because he is on an entirely different list and you can only be on one list because thats the rules. It's called My All Time Favorite Singers Of All Time Ever To Live. It's just him and Celine. Duh.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleeping pills and other news

I am exhausted and still I cannot sleep. Story. Of. My. Life. Every. Single. Day. It's ridiculous. I truly wish I was addicted to sleeping pills. Mainly for the much needed rest but partly because I would get some attention probably because people would be worried. Just kidding, kinda. I really do love attention so so much. Sometimes when Jared is watching the most boring "learning about the earth and stuff" shows that I have ever seen in my life, I like to get directly in front of the tv and make up really cool dance moves, usually inspired by sytycd (so you think you can dance)and believe it or not, every single time I do that I think it's funny, literally every single time. Anyway, sleeping pills. I'm not really going to take any. Im like a precious angel that rarely puts anything habit forming or toxic in my body. Other than the food I eat daily. But I don't drink alcohol ever, I don't abuse medication and I have never even tried or seen any form of "street drug." haha "street drug" is funny. Anyways, I don't even know what I'm typing, I'm so tired:( tonight was my first Stella & dot party! It was fun except for the moment I realized that there was math involved. My customers had to help me total shipping and tax rates and what not. I'm the dumbest girl alive. Literally out of everyone you know, no matter who is reading this, I am seriously the dumbest girl u have ever met. Just at math. And science and history. Oh and sports but who cares. Not me. oh you know what! I DID see drugs one time! I found drugs in a chair at the mall you know what i bravely did? I told a security guard. I was so scared that i may have screwed up a active drug deal and the owners of the drugs were going to murder me but I did it anyways because I'm a hero. Your hero. The moral of this post is say no to drugs. Goodnight!

Friday, March 4, 2011

reason why

I decided to do this because I used to get on xanga and type and type and type, not just one or two sentence status updates like facebook, but like reeeaally go on and on about whatever is on my mind and sometimes I would have a good long laugh at myself even! I just decided I missed that so here we go!! It is important for you to know that I rarely capitalize things unless the computer does it automatically and I don't always use correct grammar or puntuation. It doesn't bother me at all, I promise. I'll tell you what does bother me..apostrophes that's what. That about does it for tonight, i'm really just trying to figure this thing out right now. It's real hard so far and maybe I will quit..stayed tuned..