Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm sorry, I forgot my blog existed.

Hi and welcome! I forgot I am a blogger now! A couple things to say here: first off, I had a great day today. Jude is so amazingly cute I can hardly stand it. I love staying home with him:)I cried real hard while we watched toy story 3 on Netflix, mainly because I love him so much and i feel so blessed but also kinda because when Andy gives his toys to Bonnie at the end I suffer from depression briefly. It's precious but just hard to handle all my emotions at that time. It's a very overwhelming part. secondly, today I started the Insanity 60 day workout thing. It is extremely hardcore and after one day I am already extremely in Over my head and i'm pretty worried that a heart attack may take place but I'm not 'gon give up! And last but not least, get real excited because very soon I will be posting pictures of my painting I did for jude's room and my shelves in my dining room that are very neat and unique and one might even call them "green" (not the color). Stay tuned, it's about to get crazy up In here!

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